Eric’s Photography Autobiography

I began my interest in photography in 1975 as the photographer for the Army’s 26th Signal Battalion in Heilbronn, Germany. I spent many hours in the darkroom printing mostly photos of reenlistments and promotions. It was during this period that travel photography began to appeal to me.

After a time away from photography to attend college, build a career and raise a family, I renewed my interest as digital cameras became available. This allowed me to combine both technology and photography interests. In 2001 I purchased my first two-megapixel digital camera. I feel strongly that the still photograph is the best way to capture a moment in time.

My style is to produce fine art with a documentary discipline. I strive for images to be free from special effects and intense post processing, occasionally manipulating light and dark ranges.

I hope that my photography captures community with the people and elements that help define it. The natural environment is an integral component and I believe this is reflected in my portfolio. Live theater, travel, local agriculture, outdoor recreation and local events are also well represented. I have a simple goal to capture a moment in time accurately.

Eric R. Hall

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